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At Aspen Business Connect we believe that by building a well connected community we  strengthen our economy and the vitality of our Roaring Fork Valley. 

Through meetups, panel discussions and events, members build relationships with one another which leads to collaborations and referrals. 

  1. "The successful networkers I know, the ones receiving tons of referrals and feeling truly happy about themselves, continually put the other person's needs ahead of their own." -- Bob Burg
  1. "Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, your uniqueness, what you stand for." -- Christine Comaford-Lynch

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Our Professional Social Network

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Artemis Construction Management

Colorado - Wyoming - Montana

Aspen Clean Candle


Aspen Elevated Health

Holistic Healing, Chinese Medicine

Jami Baldwin Designs

Interior Designer, Licensed Colorado General Contractor, Homebuilder

Challenge Aspen

Creating possibilities for People with Disabilities

Katherine Coleman

Coldwell Banker Mason Morse Broker Associate

Paula Eaton

Scout & Cellar Clean-Crafted Wine

Friends of Pandora's

Making Aspen Mountain Better

Here House Club

a stylish, inter-generational clubhouse in Aspen

Giovanna Kennedy

Sotheby's Broker

MHK Architecture & Planning - Aspen

Lex Lucius Design

Artist / Large Format Design / Designer

Susan O'Bryan

OSC Law & Mediation

Move to Learn

Brain and Body Integration and Performance.

Simply Whole Healing

Health Coaching

Sopris Health & Wellness

Natural Health CBD Oil Remedies

Dee Ann Special

Yoga Practitioner

Aspen Dream Co

Soft Lounge-Wear

Aspen Vida Medi Spa

Aspen's Premiere Spa

Michelle Bryan

Past Life Regression therapist and holistic hypnotherapy practitioner

Michele Cardamone Photography

Portrait Photographer & Aspen Business Connect Advisor

Leslie D. Curley

Eco Arch Architect

Equus Private Wealth

Municipal Bond Specialist

Lady Reiss Fuller

Happiness Coach

Full Circle Aspen

Hair Salon & Spa Services. Massage & Mobile Services

Intrinsic Way

Breathe for Teens

Jacey Korus Design

Brand Identity, Web Design, Social Design + Strategy

Marisa de Lempicka

Estate Manager Tamara de Lempicka

Stacy Oliver

Mind Body Soul Magazine

Pollinator Chocolates

bean to bar chocolates for the chocolate connoisseur

Project Resource Studio

strategic communications and project consulting firm

SLR Relations, LLC

Growing businesses through relationship Building

State Farm


Candice Claire - Swan Sage

Meditation, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy Coach

Mellie Test

Graphic Design / Energy Clearing

Vukoo Nutrition

Protein Bars


Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy Center

Titan Digital

Branding, Websites, SEO, Social Media, Video, Print

Wanderlust Expeditions

Expanding horizons beyond the classroom

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ASPEN BUSINESS CONNECT REAL PROFILES: CEO of Full Spectrum Colorado-Made Sopris Health & Wellness CBD Products

ASPEN BUSINESS CONNECT REAL PROFILES: CEO of Full Spectrum Colorado-Made Sopris Health & Wellness CBD Products. Launching in 2018, Sopris Health & Wellness CEO and Founder Bryan Ward was determined to produce Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD as a local, independent business adhering to the “whole-plant approach.” A multi-time entrepreneur, Bryan stays steady and true to his mission to help people in pain with top-notch ingredients.

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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

What if I told you – you are perfect just how you are? … And maybe there are some minor daily tweaks we can work together on (think of me as a Life Hack Trainer) so that you can optimize the way you show up in your life. We spend so much of our days, heads down, ploughing through and we miss the part where we get to choose. I tell my clients  … “If all we do together is just change one tiny habit we can change your whole life.”

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This month brings the biannual Body Bliss Cleanse that’s full of wisdom and flexibility. Also, tap into the ongoing Master Classes in the Swan Sage Body Bliss tribe.

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Candice Claire Swan Sage

Prioritize Pleasure! Self Care IS Self Nourishing!

Making time and space for pleasurable moments is not only lovely but necessary to maintain optimal well being! We’ll talk about several areas you can do just this! Having a cup of tea in a beautiful cup or exploring your sensuality and more!

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Scout & Cellar Spritzer Gives Back to the Bees

Scout and Cellar, Clean-Crafted wine from all over the world, is all about leaving the smallest footprint as possible on the planet, using 100% recyclable products, thinner glass on the bottles, and no foil wrapped corks. Scout & Cellar also gives back to bee conservation.

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Breathe For Teens Program

Founder of Intrinsic, Emily Hightower, in partnership with  Health and Human Performance Foundation, Brian MacKenzie, and local Aspen High School teacher, Cerena Thompson have created the Breathe For Teens Program, a novel stress reduction curriculum to help teenagers here at home

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“Keep Going” or “Let Go”?

True success isn’t about proving something to someone else, depending on status or approval; success means aligning with the path your unique frequency is coded for. Your frequency, or core energetic state, is your key code.

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Building a Strong Immune System

It’s time to get, really get, that YOU create a strong immune system by the choices you make daily. Isn’t that totally empowering? Isolating yourSelf or covering yourSelf is not enhancing your resilience to dis-ease. It’s fine if that helps you stress less, but wouldn’t it be awesome to really fortify yourSelf so you just don’t fall prey to colds and flus?

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Paula Eaton Scout & Cellar

Clean Crafted Wines

Three years ago I joined a groundbreaking company and  became an independent wine consultant for Scout & Cellar. Scout & Cellar is a company that sources Clean-Crafted™ wine from all over the world.  In my first 2 ½ years with the company I became one of the Top 10 sellers, selling over $100,000 worth of wine.

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Get Blissed

Get Blissed Out

Get Blissed Out with Local Botanicals and Full Spectrum CBD Extract We have been marketing Sopris Health & Wellness products for are some time now.

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